8 Top Tips – Things To Consider When Buying Your Bridal Shoes


  1. Comfort

There is a reason this is number one!! It is the most important! Imagine spending the whole of your wedding day with sore feet or blisters and ending up hanging off your groom during the first dance! Know what is comfortable for you and try on different styles, materials, heel heights etc.

And something worth noting…all Perfect Bridal shoes are super comfortable, as all styles have additional padding in the sock and selected styles have it in the lining as well. Plus, the new styles in the collection are leather lined for extra comfort.

  1. Quality

This is the second point, because it often goes hand-in-hand with comfort. Investing in a good quality pair of shoes usually helps you to feel comfortable, as they have been manufactured specifically with brides in mind, who are often standing up for several hours. Good quality shoes will be made of soft natural materials and will have additional cushioning and padding to eliminate rubbing and blisters.

  1. Heel Height

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to heel height; it is just whatever you feel most comfortable in. If you wear heels day-to-day, and are used to walking around in stilettos, then you can probably go for a similar heel on your bridal shoe. However, if you prefer flats on a day-to-day basis, it’s probably not a great idea to suddenly choose a 3-inch heel for your wedding day! You can get some beautiful flat bridal shoes, but if you would prefer a shoe with a heel, choose a low-mid heel, a wedge heel or a wider heel such as a block or spool, as they will give more support if you’re not used to heels. If you really want a high heel, opt for one with a platform as well which will give the elegance of a high heel but ensure you’re not tottering around on tiptoes all day.

  1. Style

Your personal style and your wedding dress style might seem miles apart, so your bridal shoes are your chance to really show your personality. Many bridal gowns cover the feet, so the shoes you choose don’t necessarily have to match. That’s why many brides choose trainers, boots, or something blue. Perhaps you’ve chosen a white dress, but you’d like a pop of colour in your shoes? We have a satin range that can all be dyed to any colour of your choice! Or maybe there is room for a bit of extra sparkle on your footwear? This can be achieved by adding a shoe trim to really make your shoes unique to you. Whatever you choose, take the opportunity to make a statement.

  1. Colour

Who says bridal shoes have to be ivory? The more traditional brides may wish to stick to these colours, or go only slightly out-of-the-box with a gold, blush or oyster. But there is also the option to choose whatever colour you like! Yes, really! Blue, red, orange, yellow…any colour you like! You could choose to match the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, the groom’s tie…or just a colour of your choice! It is more likely that you can wear the shoes again if they are not white, but by purchasing satin shoes, you have the option of dyeing them before or after the wedding to get the most wear out of them!

  1. Season

Depending on whether you choose to get married at home or abroad, the season and the weather may cause you to consider your bridal footwear quite carefully. Here in the UK the weather is notoriously unpredictable in any season! However, for a winter wedding, when temperatures are guaranteed to be lower, you might want to consider a bridal boot, or at least a closed toe on your shoes. For a wedding in the middle of summer, although heat & sun is not guaranteed, you might want to choose a peep toe, which gives you a summery look, which still having the comfort and structure that you wouldn’t get with a strappy sandal.

  1. Venue

There are now so many types of wedding venues, that it is important to consider what will be the most suitable footwear. For example, stiletto heels for a farm venue are not the best idea! Likewise, any type of heel is not ideal for a beach wedding! Perhaps your venue is a lovely stately home and you think you don’t have any shoe restrictions…but remember if you want to go outside and have photographs taken, you may want shoes that won’t sink into the grass!

  1. When to Buy

You should buy your bridal shoes several months before your wedding for 2 reasons; the first being that you will need them for your dress fitting. This way, you can ensure that the length of your dress will be perfect on your big day. Secondly, you might want to wear your shoes around the house a few times to ‘break them in’ and also just because you love them!

If you’d like any advice, please ask us and we’d be more than happy to help!

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