Bridal shoes for an outdoor wedding

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding this year there are definitely factors you need to consider. Even if you’re not planning the whole wedding to be outside, chances are there will be times during the big day when you will be- perhaps for your photographs or drinks reception. However much time you’ll be spending outside, there’s one thing we just can’t control- the weather!

Obviously being a shoe company, this is something we have to think about a lot. It’s all very well creating beautiful satin high heels, but we also have to make sure that there are plenty of options for outdoor wedding shoes which will be that little bit more forgiving on softer- and potentially wetter- surfaces!

The good news is nowadays there are so many more choices when it comes to bridal shoes for an outdoor wedding. In times gone by you probably would’ve been restricted to a pair of less-than-flattering satin ballet flats, or going for the less-than-comfortable option of teetering on your tip toes to try and avoid sinking into the grass! But today we’re very pleased to be able to offer brides rather a few more options…


    The great thing about wearing flat shoes outside- aside from the obvious comfort factor- is that you won’t have to worry about sinking into the grass or wobbling on the cobbles! Bridal flats aren’t the restricted, out-dated option any more, with most brands including a selection of styles which are just as elegant as their heels in their collections. We’re no exception and one of our favourites is our super chic Tilly two part flat shoe. A softly rounded point, this timeless style features our signature high back part with a simple ankle strap for support. Made from dyeable ivory satin, you can also choose to wear Tilly in any colour to match your wedding style.

    Tilly outdoor lifestyle | The Perfect Bridal Company
    Tilly flats in dyeable ivory satin


      If you like the idea of the security that a flat wedding shoe brings you, but prefer a bit of a heel then block heels are most definitely your friend! Going for a low block heel will give you all the comfort of a totally flat shoe, but with a bit of a lift which can make some people feel more elegant (if you tend to wear heels anyway), and also has the added bonus of lifting your dress hem a little. We have a range of low block heels in our collection, with one of the most versatile being the chic and minimal Riley sandal. Again, this bestselling style is made in dyeable satin so you can choose to wear it in whichever shade you fancy! Riley is also available in wide fit.

      Riley outdoor lifestyle | The Perfect Bridal Company
      Riley low block heels in dyeable ivory satin


        Move over bridal flats, there’s a new sheriff in town- bridal trainers! We love a wedding trainer here at The Perfect Bridal Company and our collection now includes something for every sneaker fan! Whether you want something romantic and feminine, made in pretty floral lace and mesh (Codie/ Oakley), or a super on-trend pearl embellished platform trainer (Ezra) we’ve got you covered. We’ve even got a bridal hi-top in our new Cameron style!

        Codie outdoor lifestyle 1 | The Perfect Bridal Company
        Codie bridal trainers in see through floral lace


          Although we’ve waxed lyrical about flats and low block heels, once you’ve gone for a block heel you can actually wear any height for an outdoor wedding. The increased surface area of the heel (in comparison to the more traditional, slim stiletto heel) means that you won’t have to worry about potentially sinking into soft grass and damaging your heels. How about our new-this-year embellished mid block heel, Chantel? Made in classic ivory satin, we’re head over heels with the pretty crystal and pearl embellished straps.

          Chantel outdoor lifestyle | The Perfect Bridal Company
          Chantel embellished mid block heels- pretty and practical!


            Think you can’t wear high heels to an outdoor wedding? Think again. Sticking with a block heel for the reasons outlined above, if you want to go higher we recommend choosing a platform so you not only get the benefit of the block heel at the back of the shoe, but at the platform at the front of the shoe lifts the foot making you feel as though you’re wearing a much lower heel. So it’s practical from a weather perspective as well as a comfort one- win win! How about the statement modern classic that is Paloma?

            Paloma outdoor lifestyle | The Perfect Bridal Company
            Paloma platforms are a great choice for being outdoors

            Whatever style you go for, don’t let an outdoor wedding mean you can’t wear the wedding shoes you want to. There’s a shoe for every wedding style, you just need to know these top tips!

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