Did You, or Would You, Wear ‘Something Blue’ on Your Wedding Day?

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The well-known rhyme ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe” was thought to have originated in the late 19th century in Lancashire, and it has since turned into a worldwide wedding tradition.

Many brides search for the perfect items to be incorporated into their outfit on their big day, as it is thought to be good luck.

It is said that ‘something old’ represents continuity; ‘something new’ offers optimism for the future; ‘something borrowed’ symbolizes borrowed happiness and ‘something blue’ represented fidelity and protected against the Evil Eye. Today, the colour blue represents love and purity as well.

‘Something blue’ also came from Catholic beliefs that the colour blue symbolises faithfulness, loyalty and virginity, as this is what good and decent brides in the 19th century would possess. Not to say that this isn’t true of some brides now, but I think times have definitely changed a bit since then!

What is amusing is that ‘something blue’ was originally a symbol of purity, but over time it became a tradition for a bride’s blue detail to be a garter on the thigh, which the groom then removes, often in front of the wedding guests!

In recent years, many brides have opted to move away from the traditional garter worn under the dress, and have been much more creative in incorporating blue into their day.

We have seen blue in the bride’s jewellery, in the dress or added as a sash or veil, in nail polish, flowers, stitching inside the dress, the wedding car, bridesmaid dresses, handkerchiefs or a clutch bag.

There are many ways to incorporate your ‘something blue’ but our personal favourite, is obviously a pair of blue wedding shoes, which is why we have introduced Celia in French Blue to our 2018 collection!

We also have a large range of dyeable shoes and have 11 shades of blue on our standard colour chart; Turquoise, Powder Blue, Aqua Blue, Cyan Blue, Royal Blue, Once, Medi Blue, Cobalt, Navy, Steel Blue and Sea Blue. We can also dye your shoes a bespoke colour, using our colour-match service.

If you don’t fancy a full shoe in blue, how about adding our Apple trim in blue?

Let us know what your ‘something blue’ is/was!

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