The Perfect Bridal Shoe Dyeing Service

There are many reasons why you might choose to dye your wedding shoes- perhaps you want them to match your colour scheme or turn your something new into your something blue. Maybe you want to change the colour after the big day so you can wear them again and again. Perhaps you’re a mother of the bride looking for the perfect matching shoes and bag to compliment your outfit, or bridesmaids who all want the same colour- but perhaps not style- of shoe. 

Whatever the reason, The Perfect Bridal Company are here to help with our expert shoe dyeing service.  The process is super simple and we’ll guide you through each step alongside your chosen Perfect Bridal retailer, where you purchased your shoes.

PB Colour Dyeing 1 | The Perfect Bridal Company
Find your perfect colour with our shoe dyeing service

How are wedding shoes dyed?

Step 1- Choose your colour

Standard Colour Chart

First you’ll need to choose your colour. Whether you choose from our standard colour chart of over forty classic and on trend colours, or have a very specific colour in mind, we’ve got you covered. Our brand new 2024 colour card includes a comprehensive range of forty beautiful colours. There are timeless classics such as black, silver and a choice of navy shades (because we understand the importance of the perfect navy!)- ideal colours to dye your shoes after the wedding. Or perhaps you fancy something bold and modern- the new colour card includes some of the latest 2024 colour trends such as hot pinks, bold orange and a variety of gorgeous greens! Perhaps you’re looking to dye your shoes for the wedding itself, and our range of soft pastel and neutral shades are just perfect for that, including champagne, taupes, pale lilac, baby blue and soft mint green.

PB Colour Dyeing 6 | The Perfect Bridal Company
The new 2024 colour card contains forty stunning new shades

Custom Colour Match Service

Sometimes you know exactly what you want, and have a very particular colour in mind. With our custom colour match service we can match any colour you require- ideal if you want to match your shoes or bag to your outfit, bridesmaid dresses of flowers for example. Our colour match service is also useful if you can’t find a matching bag for your shoes (which can be increasingly challenging nowadays). You can choose your handbag from our selection of dyeable satin styles and we can dye it to match your shoes perfectly.

Whether we’re dyeing your shoes or handbag, all you have to do is provide us with a swatch of the colour which matches as closely as possible to the one you’re after and we’ll do the rest. With our custom colour match service, your unique shade will be mixed just for you and tested (and retested!) until we achieve an exact match.

PB Colour Dyeing Trio Custom 1 | The Perfect Bridal Company
Perfectly colour match any colour you like with our custom service

Step 2- The Dyeing Process

Next we carefully dye your shoes by hand, using high quality dyes, purpose made dobbers, a selection of different brushes and even cotton buds for those more fiddly parts. All these tools are needed to ensure that every last bit of satin is coloured, including straps and insole binding- because nobody likes to see white bits! We have to move quite quickly to avoid unsightly drying marks, but not so fast we don’t do a thorough job. It’s a highly skilled process but our in house dye team have extensive experience so you can rest assured knowing your shoes are in very capable hands!

If you are using our custom colour match service, at this point we will also compare the dyed shoes to the original swatch to check they match exactly. If we’re not completely happy we’ll run step 2 again (and again) until we achieve the perfect colour match.

PB COlour Dyeing Trio | The Perfect Bridal Company
The dyeing process takes patience, skill and a lot of experience

Step 3- Adding Protection

Once we’re 100% happy with the dyeing, your shoes are left to dry for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure that the colour sets fully and evenly. This is really important- pack them up to early and the dye could rub off in places during transit (and ruin all that hard work!). Once everything is totally dry, a high quality water resistant coating is applied to protect and weatherproof the colour- particularly important considering UK weather! The shoes are again left to dry thoroughly to make sure the water resistant layer is as protective as possible (please note whilst we do all we can to protect your shoes, the best protection is looking after them on the day as best you can, so don’t go running through puddles and expect them to look as new!).

PB Colour Dyeing 7 | The Perfect Bridal Company
With our colour dye service the possibilities are endless!

Step 4- Final Quality Check

Once the water resistant coating is dry we do a thorough quality check to make sure the dyeing is perfect, so no missed bits or watermarks. Your shoes are then carefully wrapped and boxed into their beautiful Perfect Bridal box, before being sent either directly to you or to your bridal stockist ready for collection. Then all you have to do is enjoy your day, knowing your shoes look absolutely perfect!

PB Colour Dyeing 12 | The Perfect Bridal Company
A perfectly dyed pair of shoes all ready for dispatch

For more information about our shoe dyeing service drop us an email or give us a call to enquire.

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