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From the Royal Family to Hollywood royalty, wearing pearls has been popular with brides for generations. Elegant and classic, pearls have really stood the test of time, with many people believing that they are a symbol of purity, loyalty and prosperity. It’s not just their symbolism which makes them a popular choice however- pearls are known for their unique beauty, and their subtle lustre makes them versatile enough for every bride.

On the subject of superstitions, pearls are also often said to symbolise teardrops, but this is open to interpretation. Some say they therefore shouldn’t be worn on your wedding day, with others saying that they should as it means the couple will have a happy marriage and shed few tears!

Confusing symbolism aside, the simple elegance of pearl accessories make them the perfect choice for any bride- the only decision next is how to incorporate them into your look. Aside from the traditional pearl earrings and necklace, there are a number of more modern ways to wear pearls.


Create a slightly more contemporary look with a pearl embellished veil. Bolder than diamanté adornments, you can go for small, medium or even large sized pearls, depending on how much of a statement you want to make. There are so many different pearl embellished veils, but we love an all over scatter in a mix of different sized pearls.

You can also emphasis the pearl theme of your veil by addition a hair comb with pearls in the design as we’ve done above.

PB Blog Pearls Veil | The Perfect Bridal Company
PB Blog Pearls Shoes | The Perfect Bridal Company


Another beautifully modern way to wear pearls on your wedding day is in your shoes! Sparkly wedding shoes have been around for years, but this trend towards softer, more subtle pearl embellishments seems here to stay. Whether you go for all over pearls, which could be a court shoe, sandal or even a bridal trainer, or a pearl brooch style placement trim, this look puts a stylish twist on tradition.

Again, enhance the pearl theme with matching or complementary hair accessories.


Beautifully versatile, bridal hair combs can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on your wedding hair. Whether you’re going for a classic chignon, with combs showing elegant to one side, or a more boho half up, half down style with a single comb in the centre, you can create the look you want. 

These new ones will be available soon and we just love the statement mix of different sized pearls on soft gold wire.

PB Blog Pearls Comb | The Perfect Bridal Company
PB Blog Pearls Pins 1 | The Perfect Bridal Company


Another way to add pearls to your bridal hair is with delicate hair pins. Wear them evenly scattered throughout the hair for a laid back, boho look or cluster them together to create a more statement look. Pins come in a wide range of sizes and styles so you can find the ones which reflect your style perfectly, and walk down that aisle looking pretty in pearls!

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