What’s your tiara style?

To tiara or to not tiara, that is the question. Typically the tiara’s reputation is one of age gold tradition and a distinctly classic look. This is reinforced by the Royal family’s penchant for a sparkly tiara at any (and every) special event- from Princess Diana’s ‘Spencer Tiara’ which was steeped in family history, to Kate Middleton’s ‘Cartier Halo’ which was loaned to her by HRH The Queen, the Royal’s choices always have strong heritage or sentimental meaning. The good news is that nowadays tiaras come in all shapes and sizes- from antique finds which carry their own unique story, to more modern interpretations and bespoke one off pieces made just for you- meaning you should be able to find one to suit your bridal look, whatever your personal style.

Before we take a look at some of the different tiara styles, fun fact for you! Did you know that traditionally only brides or married women were meant to wear a tiara? This was because tiaras were seem as the crowning of love and an emblem to the loss of innocence- so now you know!

So let’s take a look at some of the top sellers in our sparkling tiara collection. Currently we have over thirty beautiful tiaras, from traditional styles to something a little different. Let’s talk a look at some of the top sellers- which is your favourite?


First up is style PBT5027 which is an elegantly classic tiara with a classic crown inspired shape, sitting slightly higher in the centre, tapering softly at either end. Made from dozens of dazzling clear crystals, light catching cut crystal beads and dotted throughout with delicate rhinestone studded flowers, PBT5027 is a versatile style and perfectly suited to compliment classic silver jewellery.

PBT5027 | The Perfect Bridal Company


If you love a more traditional look but want something a little more subtle, style PBT5002 is the perfect tiara for you. Featuring large graduating pear shaped crystals and with a very subtle rise in the centre, this modern classic still has a nod to the traditional crown shape, but doesn’t sit as high as PBT5027, giving more of a headband inspired look as opposed to a fill on crown style. The perfect balance of classic and modern.

PBT5002 | The Perfect Bridal Company


For the true fashionista bride, our statement pearl tiara PBT5046 brings one of bridal’s current favourite trends for classic pearls to the world of tiaras. Made from a generous cluster of ivory pearls in varying sizes, PBT5046 manages to be both elegant and modern- wear it with matching pearl accessories to complete your look.

PBT5046 | The Perfect Bridal Company


Looking for something a little different? Tiara PBT5010 has a unique design with a definite boho vibe. Featuring an intricate design of interwoven translucent flowers, delicate gold butterflies and opalescent marquis cut stones this romantic tiara sits on a crystal embellished headband, all held together with delicate gold wire. Sitting a few inches high, this pretty style gives distinct elevated floral crown vibes.

PBT5010 1 | The Perfect Bridal Company


Tiaras don’t have to follow the traditional crown shape, and some sit at more of a headband angle which gives quite a different look. Style PBT5043 is one such tiara and we love the large crystal star which sits in the centre of the head. Two sections taper away from the centre, giving this sparkling tiara a more modern feel which would work with a wide variety of bridal looks.

PBT5043 1 | The Perfect Bridal Company

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