What’s Your Wedding Shoe Style?

There are so many different styles of wedding shoes to choose from it can be tricky knowing where to start. Gone are the days where brides choose from a small range of classic ivory satin shoes from their wedding shop- now there are so many brands selling wedding shoes and so many different ways to shop, you can find the pair which really reflect your personal style.

That in itself can be a bit daunting. We tend to know our daily style- for example whether we love our office heels or live in our go to ballet flats- but being a bride feels a whole lot different, and you want to feel special whilst still feeling totally, authentically you.

So where to start? We’ve put together a brief guide to some of our favourite bridal looks, and which wedding shoes to go for to complete each one. Obviously this is just to inspire you and give you a few ideas- when it all comes down to it you can wear whatever shoes make you feel amazing!


Just because anything goes nowadays when it comes to wedding shoes, it doesn’t mean you have to break with tradition. There is a lot to be said for a classic pair of ivory satin heels- it’s a timeless look which will stand the test of time. Plus, your wedding may be the only time you’ll get to wear this kind of shoe so enjoy it!

For this look, you can go totally plain but with a striking silhouette- such as our Meghan and Rachel ivory court shoes, or block heel Liberty. Alternatively still keep the shape simple, but go for a shoe with a classic, understated trim such as our two part court shoe Pippa, with pearl brooch trim, or Ella with embellished ankle strap.

PB Blog wedding shoe style classic | The Perfect Bridal Company


If you’re looking to elevate your bridal look, your wedding shoes are the perfect place to start. Here silhouettes are still fairly understated- it is the lux materials and embellishments which really make the shoes stand out. You don’t have to wear a bright red pair of shoes to make a wedding style statement- add a little sparkle or choose a delicious material and let your shoes quietly speak for themselves. 

Our Adele bow points have a simple design but stand out due to their luxurious ivory slub silk fabric and scattered pearls. Similarly the pearls on our Carrie block heel sandals scream style without being over the top.

PB Blog wedding shoe style lux | The Perfect Bridal Company


One look which never goes out of fashion is those wedding shoes which take their inspiration from a bygone era, creating a soft, vintage vibe. Look out for t-bars which automatically add a touch of twenties glamour, such as the Bryony sandals which manage to be both vintage but with a modern twist. T-bars are also super flattering as they give the effect of elongating the leg!

If t-bars aren’t your thing, look for crossover straps as shown here on our Renate wedding shoes. Not only are they super pretty, they’re also really practical too giving you a comfortable and supportive fit.

Another great way to bring in a touch of vintage is incorporating lace into your wedding shoes. This can be all over, such as our Maisie lace points, or as elegantly shaped panels like our Susie two part mary-janes. 

PB Blog wedding shoe style vintage | The Perfect Bridal Company


Being a bride doesn’t mean you have to lose your unique style, or wear a pair of wedding shoes which really aren’t you. Even if you stick with traditional ivory, there are a number of ways you can still keep your heels modern.

Here at The Perfect Bridal Company we love a pair of bridal trainers, such as our popular Oakleys. With pretty see-through floral lace and a soft ivory organza bow, they’re every bit as bridal as heels but with a unique modern take on the wedding shoe.

Why not even go for a bridal boot, especially if you’re having a winter wedding. Comfortable and uber stylish, a wedding boot definitely adds something unique to your look.

Other great options for a more modern wedding shoe are block heels, which give you all the height with a super supportive wear (and are bang on trend), or platforms which, well ditto- all the height but with a clever hidden platform creating maximum comfort.

PB Blog wedding shoe style modern | The Perfect Bridal Company

So which bride are you and what’s your favourite wedding shoe look? Click here to shop the full collection. 

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