Woodland Winter Wedding Hair Accessories

As the leaves start to fall, after they’ve brightened up our landscapes with their rich autumnal colours, we begin to see some beautiful natural shapes emerge in the exposed and elegantly twisted branches. This is a wonderful season to get married in, lending itself perfectly to ethereal, nature inspired wedding style- think woodland winter.

PBH7059 LIfestyle | The Perfect Bridal Company
Hairvine PBH7059 is perfect for a woodland winter wedding

What better way to incorporate this theme than in your hair accessories, where you can play with pretty twisted wire and delicate gold and silver leaves to bring in a natural yet elevated look. Here we show you a few of our favourite woodland winter inspired bridal hair accessories and the different ways you can wear them…

Hairvine PBH7059

This elegant hairvine (pictured above) is made on a base of fine gold wire which is adorned with elegant clusters of ivory ceramic flowers, delicate gold leaves and classic ivory pearls- there’s also a stunning silver version. The beauty of the wire base is that it allows you to wear this stunning hairvine in a variety of different ways:

  1. Look number one wears the hairvine around the head, as you would wear a flower crown. Pair with your hair down for a laid back, more bohemian wedding style or with a low bun for a slightly more timeless vibe.
PBH7059 Look 1 | The Perfect Bridal Company
Wear around the head like a flower crown

2. Our second look is a more classic bridal look, wrapping the hairvine around a low slung, sleek bun.

PBH7059 Look 2 | The Perfect Bridal Company
Wrap around a low slung bun

3. For a fresh modern look, why not wrap the hairvine around a chic high bun- this look works particularly well for bridesmaids and flowergirls, as pictured.

PBH7059 Look 3 | The Perfect Bridal Company
PBH7059 is also perfect for flower girls

Hairpins PBH7062

Another accessory which can be worn multiple ways, enabling you to customise your look are hairpins PBH7062. This elegant set contains five beautiful hairpins, each made from an individual ivory ceramic flower with delicate ivory pearls in the centre. Wear them in a row at the top of a low slung bun (as pictured), down the side of a classic chignon or dotted into a loose half-up style.

PBH7062 | The Perfect Bridal Company
Wear this elegant set of five pins in a variety of ways

Haircombs PBH7050 and PBH7060

If you’re looking for something a little more structured which you can simply pop in, a haircomb is the ideal choice. We have two stunning bridal haircombs in our ceramic flower story. Style PBH7050 is a classic style, with a beautiful cluster of ceramic flowers and leaves and delicate ivory pearls.

PBH7050 | The Perfect Bridal Company
PBH7050 is a classic floral haircomb

For a little twist on a timeless look, haircomb PBH7060 has a soft asymmetric design which looks stunning gently curving into the hair.

PBH7060 | The Perfect Bridal Company
Haircomb PBH7060 has an elegant asymmetric design

You can find all our ceramic flower accessories and many more options for a woodland wedding theme over on our website. Click here for inspiration!

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