What to expect from your wedding dress fittings.

Let’s talk customising and alterations…What to expect from your wedding dress fittings.We here at Perfect Bridal HQ pride ourselves on being experts in all areas of the bridal industry and a new addition is to have the knowledge of our dress designer Kay Heeley. Kay...

Wedding Bag Essentials.

Wedding bag essentials…Wedding party member must haves. The bride may not be carrying a bag for most of the day, but any member of the wedding party should always think of an essentials kit!Meticulous wedding panning on the lead up to the big day can take months, and...

All I want for Christmas… Are shoes!

It’s that time of year again, to strut your stuff at the Christmas party as the celebration season gets into full swing! It’s the time to look for that perfect party outfit or the perfect accessories to jazz up a reliable and faithful ensemble, but it’s so easy to...

When should you buy your wedding shoes?

 When should you buy your wedding shoes?To buy or not to buy, that’s the question… buying wedding shoes is really down to personal choice and how organised you want to be.Some bridal boutiques offer ranges of shoes for brides to browse when they choose their dresses...

Flats V’s Heels… Which team are you?

On your wedding day you want to last the duration of your ceremony, the photos and then finish the day by dancing the night away…Oh yes! Well here at The Perfect Bridal Company, we make beautiful shoes that feel as good as they look, and we totally have you covered in...

Top 5 Wedding Veils for ‘Perfect’ Brides

Let us List them out for you… Wedding veils are the ultimate bridal accessory… Some brides may feel that wedding veils are something that will get in the way on the big day, maybe feel the veil is slightly old fashioned, worried it will hide the details on the wedding...
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