How trendy can ‘Mum’ Brides be?

How trendy can Mature or second time round brides be?

As we are in the month of mum with Mother’s day fast approaching, we wanted to focus our blogs this month on all the fabulous more mature ladies who may be asking the question, how trendy can I be?

With all these bridal trends to choose from, it can be exciting yet daunting for any bride to be, but if you are a bride who is a mum, getting married for the second time, or you are a bride over the age of 50, the thought of wearing an ivory lace wedding dress may be daunting, or it may not be what you want at all.

So, what are the options for more mature ladies? Everyone deserves to feel like a bride, and have the most special day and there are no rules that only a certain age can wear ivory or white.


There are many dresses now that have off white or a subtle colour under layer under a lace or beaded top layer. Soft blush/nude and oyster have all been so popular over the last few years and also an easy alternative to the ‘traditional’ ivory look.

Our stunning dress collection by designer Kay Heeley has many options available to the non-traditional brides to be, such as the Willow and Grace gowns, both coming in a nude with ivory overlay.


Even if that’s still too ‘Bride’, many designers have the options available to stockists, to have their styles in other colours. One of the key trends of 2022 was black, and lots of collections included that dramatic black gown and you can’t get more non-traditional than that! But fabrics come in all colours so there really is an endless option of colours that you could choose, so don’t rule out asking the bridal shops for colour options.

Some Brides may wish to opt for a more ‘evening dress’ look and the feeling of possibly being able to wear again on another occasion. As Brides get older, and if they have been married before, they have done the whole fairy tale wedding day, and sometimes it’s not all about the big traditional wedding dress, but the simplicity of having close friends and family around, enjoying a nice meal and marrying the love of your life without all the fuss and the massive expense.

And why do you have to feel like you are conforming to what’s expected? You don’t… these days you can get married wherever you like, so take away the traditional church, why does everything else have to be traditional? Pork pie wedding cake over a 6-tier iced fruitcake, a hog roast and burger van over a 4 course sit down affair, wearing a black dress or resembling a Disney princess… there are no rules anymore.

Accessories can be more relaxed and less traditional too, instead of the veil and tiara combo, why not opt for one of our new face veils or a beautiful beaded headband?

Many of us have body hang ups, that doesn’t just happen with age, so why not consider a cape or a shawl to go over the dress to cover any arm or back hang ups?

Most gowns have built in structure so eliminating the need to uncomfortable body sculpting underwear, there really are so many options.

The key is not to get yourself stressed out that you must look like a ‘Bride’, because what is that? A bride is someone who is marrying their partner, wants to look beautiful but not too far from their natural self, so there really is no pressure.

Love P.B x

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