Lockdown Life: The latest addition to our team – Graham Lewin

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Graham Lewin

Midlands & South Shoe Sales Rep

(Football enthusiast & diehard Leicester City fan)

What Have You Been Up To During Lockdown? (Baking, Gardening, Painting, Exercising, Reading Etc)

No good at cooking so you can forget Baking. Been doing plenty gardening and also painting the Kitchen and Bathroom.Made a habit for going a walk most days which I always felt better for.

How Have You Been Keeping In Touch With Others?

Keeping in touch with family friends and work coleagues by phone or messages.

What New Habits Have You Formed And Which Ones Do You Want To Keep In The Future?

I watched too much TV during lockdown and after this is all over need to be getting out more with my wife.

What Have You Learnt From The Lockdown That Will Shape Your Life In The Future, What Have You Discovered About Yourself?

Family is the most important thing in your life Be thankful for your Health.

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What Challenges Have Your Faced (Technical Video Calling Issues, Parenting, Etc)

Boredom in the lockdown from having to stay in home. Really could not do any work during early stages of lockdown.

What Have You Been Missing Most? What Have You Been Missing Most About Work??

My football—that is an easy answer.Going out for a meal and drink with friends. Really missed my stockists and being out on the road.

How Are You Feeling About Getting Back To Work – What Are You Most Looking Forward To? (Or Dreading/Not Looking Forward To!

I cant wait to get back to work as really not had much of a chance to show all the stockists our 2020 collection.

Is There Anyone You Would Particularly Like To Shout Out To For Making Your Time (Or Someone Else’s) In Lockdown A Little Bit Better Or Easier?


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What Is Your Favorite Shoe In Our 2020 Collection?

Not been back with the Company long enough to know favourite shoes yet but the sneakers are selling well and you cannot beat a plain ivory court shoe Erica and Rachel come to mind. I think stockists will love the Belts good quality and value for money.

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Is There Anything Else You Want To Tell Us About Your Lockdown Time?

ROLL ON NORMALITY and lets all stay well and healthy

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