Lovely in lace- our top five favourite lace wedding shoes

When it comes to choosing your perfect shoes, lace wedding shoes are a timeless option which exude elegance and romance. Lace wedding shoes not only complement a wide range of bridal gowns beautifully, they also add a touch of vintage charm and delicate femininity to your overall bridal look. Whether they’re made from pretty floral lace, adorned with pearls or embellished with sparkling crystals, lace wedding shoes are the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style. In this blog, we’ll introduce some of our favourite lace wedding shoes, look at how to select the perfect pair and explore what makes them so popular year after year. 


The Milan block heel brings a romantic twist to our signature style. Crafted from exquisite floral lace over delicate ivory mesh, this modern classic style exudes a high-end, luxurious appeal. The unlined fabric provides a lightweight feel, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. Milan features a high, slim back which not only looks elegant but also provides additional ankle support, while a slim ankle strap ensures a secure fit from morning to night. With the Milan block heel, you get the perfect blend of style and sublime comfort, making them an ideal choice for your wedding day.

Milan floral lace wedding shoes
Milan in ivory floral lace


The London low heel wedding shoe epitomises elegant, romantic simplicity. Crafted from delicate ivory floral lace, it features a classic ivory satin back and an adjustable ankle strap. The partially transparent front showcases intricate floral embroidery, highlighting the intertwining petals and leaves against the skin for a beautifully ethereal effect. This lightweight illusion lace not only adds to the look of the shoe but also ensures exceptional comfort by allowing the foot to breathe, making it feel as though you’re walking on air.

London lifestyle | The Perfect Bridal Company
Low heel London in ivory floral lace


For a touch of elegance and comfortable confidence on your special day, our Peony sandal is the perfect choice, combining stunning design with practical wearability. Two wide, lightweight straps made of pretty floral lace cross over the foot, supported by an ivory mesh backing that ensures maximum breathability. At the back, two slim straps cross over and fasten securely across our signature high back, providing both an elegant look and added support.

Peony lifestyle | The Perfect Bridal Company
Pretty Peony lace crossover sandals


For the modern bride seeking a blend of romance and non-traditional style, the Cameron bridal hi-top offers a fresh and contemporary look. Featuring sheer floral lace over lightweight ivory mesh, this statement bridal trainer evokes fairy tale charm. The clean platform sole maintains a sleek, modern silhouette, while the oversized floral lace provides a distinct designer touch, standing out beautifully against the foot.

Cameron ivory lace bridal high top trainers
Cameron floral lace bridal hi-tops


Presenting Codie, a stunning bridal trainer where timeless romance meets contemporary design and comfort. With sheer floral lace layered over lightweight ivory mesh, this statement bridal trainer manages to be both pretty and effortlessly cool at the same time. The sleek platform sole maintains a modern aesthetic, while the oversized floral lace adds a unique designer flair, finished with an ivory organza lace. 

Codie ivory lace bridal trainer
Codie ivory floral lace bridal trainers

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