The Perfect Shoes for an Autumn Wedding 

There is something magical about Autumn, largely due to the amazing natural colour palette of the changing seasons, coupled with the warm low light of the sun rise (and sunset!) at this time of year. It’s a colour palette which works beautifully for weddings so it’s not surprising that Autumn is  becoming an increasingly popular season to get married. In contrast to the more traditional Summer months, an Autumn wedding offers the opportunity to play with more earthy, rich colours and couple them with natural elements, resulting in a stunning and unique aesthetic.



You might think this was a more tricky theme for wedding shoes as terracottas, warm orange and rust tones may not immediately spring to mind, but with a clever bit of dyeing you can create the perfect wedding shoes for an Autumn wedding. Colours can be as subtle or as bold as you fancy and matching your shoes with one of the colours in your bridal bouquet can work really well. Use nature’s Autumn colour palette as your inspiration for the whole wedding, and have fun mixing up the tones among your bridesmaids, tablescapes, shoes, flowers- the possibilities are endless! The Perfect Bridal Company collection has a wide selection of dyeable satin wedding shoes which can be dyed to colour match any shade you like.

Paloma Tifanny Maisie autumna colours | The Perfect Bridal Company
Dye your shoes to match Autumn’s stunning natural colour palette (clockwise from top left): Paloma | Tiffany | Maisie


As well as the more traditional Autumnal colours which echo the changing leaves (think orange, yellow, rust, red, brown and terracotta), shades of green and soft neutrals also work really well for an Autumn wedding. Sage and olive greens, classic taupe and warm mocha tones all compliment the warmer seasonal colours and can be paired with plenty of natural foliage in your bouquet and used throughout the wedding look.

Take a look at The Perfect Occasion collection where you will find bridal and Occasion shoes in soft olive green as well as plenty of styles in classic taupe and warm mocha- all perfect for the season!

Kendall taupe Carrie mocha montage 1 | The Perfect Bridal Company
Kendall taupe & Carrie mocha are the perfect neutrals for an Autumn wedding
Liberty Margo olive montage | The Perfect Bridal Company
Choose soft greens such as Liberty & Margo in olive satin


Another perfect choice option for an Autumn wedding is to go for a pair of gold shoes- whether you’re the bride, bridal party or wedding guest. Whilst a trusty pair of gold heels work year round, there is something about the light in Autumn which lends itself perfectly to this classic shade, which is also so well suited for taking you to from day to evening. Choose a soft metallic gold leather- not only does this reflect the light beautifully, but being a natural fabric leather is also a super comfortable choice as well as being pretty weatherproof!

Olive Birdie gold montage | The Perfect Bridal Company
Olive & Birdie in gold leather are both perfect for an Autumn wedding

Whichever shoes you choose for your Autumn wedding, this is definitely the season to have fun with colour! The added advantage of a coloured pair of shoes of course being that you will definitely wear them again… long after Autumn has been and gone! Click here to shop the full wedding shoe collection.

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