Interview with our in house colour expert

Earlier this month we launched our brand new Colour Chart for 2024 (if you missed it check out the blog here). Our shoe dyeing service is becoming more and more popular as brides, mothers of the bride and wedding guests are increasingly wanting to add their own unique style to their look. It takes a great deal of expertise, patience and skill for the perfect shoe dye job. Without these, pitfalls such as uneven patches, watermarks and badly matching colours can happen and trust us you don’t want those!

PB Colour Dyeing 15 | The Perfect Bridal Company

Luckily here at The Perfect Bridal Company we have our very own in house expert, Claire, who does all our shoe dyeing and has been doing so for almost ten years. So what she doesn’t know about shoe dyeing just isn’t worth knowing! In addition to doing all of our shoe dyeing, Claire also supervises the running of the warehouse, all quality control of shoes, bags and accessories as well dispatching orders.

We caught up with this very busy lady over a cuppa and asked her a few colourful questions (see what we did there?)…

Are there any colour trends in shoe dyeing at the moment? What are the most popular colours?

Vibrant pinks have been very popular, and we have seen lots of recent requests for darker shades of green as well.

What is the most unusual shoe dyeing request you’ve ever had?

We are used to colour matching to a variety of swatches, hats & outfits but we did once have a request to match back to a customer’s cushion cover which was pretty unusual!

How do you create a custom colour, and how long does it take?

I begin with a base colour which is closest to the swatch and mix this with other colours until the match is perfect. It takes a lot of experience to get it right… and lots of tester swatches along the way!

PB Colour Dyeing 13 | The Perfect Bridal Company
Claire creating the perfect colour match

Is there a colour you like dyeing the most, or do you have a particular favourite?

I like vibrant colours so the brighter the better, the new blue 8A is a personal favourite of mine, it’s fab!

How did you choose the colours for the new 2024 colour card?

The colours were very trend led as we always like to offer brides the latest looks, but we were also guided by the most requested colours from our stockists- so we’re always keeping our customers’ needs at the forefront of our decisions.

PB Colour Dyeing 6 | The Perfect Bridal Company
The stunning new 2024 Colour Chart

When is the busiest time of year for shoe dyeing?

Spring is by far the busiest period for us, with the run up to all of the summer weddings and events. Whilst we do offer an express service, we always advise people to get their order in as soon as possible, particularly during busy times.

What is your top tip for people when choosing what colour to dye their shoes?

Look at contrasting colours that can really compliment your outfit. If you’re dyeing shoes which you’ve already worn, then a darker colour is always recommended to get the best coverage and the most wear out of your Perfect shoes.

Thanks Claire!

Click here to find out more about our in house shoe dyeing service, or get in touch for more information.

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